Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Some NEW INFORMATION about CV's from our Program Director consultant:

Hello again 2018 Medical Residency Applicants,

As you know, when you obtain an interview, you should carry along extra copies of your CV.  Before the official interview starts, hand your interviewers each a copy of your CV, printed on good resume paper.  I wouldn't say you have to give each one a copy of your statement of purpose, but it wouldn't hurt. (Be well prepared to answer and explain any claims or details from your PS if you do take it with you.)

So if you read the title of this post, I did promise you some NEW INFORMATION about CV's.  Our consultant Program Director said he loves a small PHOTO on the CV you carry with you and hand to him (and all the other interviewers).  He says he is better able to remember those applicants, and when reviewing the CV's a few days/weeks later, it puts a familiar face with your CV information.  He loves that added touch.  Now please be careful....do not make the photo too large, wear a shirt and tie, smile and fix your hair.  Getting a professional photo would be great.  Visualize a passport photo...maybe with the face portion slightly smaller, and be careful the background is appropriate. 

Welcome 2018 Medical Residency Applicants!

Greetings to anyone landing on our blog pages!  I hope you have your personal statements ready to upload to your ERAS applications.  The PS is still one of the few NON numerical ways that you can influence your application strength.  Some program directors say the PS is very important....some say not so important.  DO YOU WANT TO TAKE THAT GAMBLE?  I wish you all the best with your application process and hope you pass the interview for the right position.
More to follow....

Friday, September 23, 2016


Good morning!
By this time, your personal statements for your target specialty are most likely uploaded to the ERAS site, so I wish you the best in obtaining interviews!

One client contacted me a few days ago for an 2nd target personal statement edit.  He was delighted to already have an interview offer, but decided to cover his bases with an 2nd target application. Though his 1st personal statement was fantastic, he realized there was a great need to tailor it for the 2nd target.

Anyway, I would really like to hear from you if you have had interview offers.  Also this note is to advise you that we are more than happy to help you edit your statement to direct it for a 2nd or 3rd target specialty.  I believe it is a good idea to cast a little bit wider net, especially if you have not yet received interview offers.  Or maybe you are just interested in additional areas of medicine. Do not use an identical personal statement for a different specialty.

We offer a discount for this type of editing.

Thanks for your business if you have used our service. And thanks for considering us for future projects.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Medical Specialty Aptitude Test

Hello Medical Residency and Medical Fellowship Applicants!

As you know, it's almost June.  For many of you, that means it's time to start working on your personal statement.   

Some of you are not positive which specialty to pursue, so I found this "Medical Specialty Aptitude Test," from the University of Virginia which may help you decide on a direction.  At least there are some important questions to consider before you make your choice.   The test may be of general help to fellowship applicants too, not for a specialty of course, but for a general guidance about your clinical preferences. 

It's very easy and quick, and offers you a chance to think about your unique personality traits in terms of specialties which mesh with your preferences and social skills.

So here you go:


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Interview Tip for Our Medical Residency Applicants - Listening, Listening & More Listening

Good morning!

I just came upon a very interesting piece of information about interviews in a little Kindle book, Listening Skills: Master the Art of Listening and Communication Skills for a More Confident  Life, by Michele Gilbert.  She mentions that during interviews, "most major corporations study applicants for listening skills to determine whether they have truly developed communication skills rather than knowing how to respond to an interview or work an interview." 

Fascinating new truth, as far as I'm concerned.  (You probably already knew it!)  I'm thinking about medical residency applicants who are applying for the specialties in which prime value placed on actively listening to the patient....psychiatry, internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, OBGYN, and of course all the sub-specialties thereof.  This advice can also be very useful for the other specialties in which communication with other doctors and staff are of prime importance: ALL MEDICAL SPECIALTIES.

So the bottom line here is that the interviewee needs to listen very carefully and digest what the interviewers are saying or asking before spouting off some technically complicated and correct answer already in his or her head.  That goes for your future conversations with patients, staff and colleagues too. But you already know that too!

This is a good little book though, and I recommend it, maybe even better than some of the "Interview Tips" books out there.

In a way, this advice takes some heat off you by too much pre-thinking about your answers to interview questions....that is, too much preparing and practicing for an interview with canned answers you have nervously memorized might get in the way of listening to what the interviewers are actually saying or asking.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Personal Statements - Random Thoughts about Authenticity

Good morning medical residency applicants and medical fellowship applicants!

A poorly written personal statement could doom your application, however remember that you are not applying for a writing instructor position.  Your personal statement should give the program director at least a HINT of your own writing ability.  That is why we need to see and assess your originally written essay or filled in questionnaire before we edit it, in order to support your authenticity.


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Good morning Medical Residency Applicants and Medical Fellowship Applicants! 

A biiiiiiig THANK YOU to all of our return customers!  This year and last year so many of our clients have finished their medical residency programs and are again requesting our editing service for their fellowship personal statements.  In fact, most of the 2015 projects have been for return fellowship applicants.  That is a huge compliment and we are very thankful for your loyalty. 

Every day I learn more while researching various medical fellowship programs in the United States.  As my sister and partner said yesterday, "it's the specialty on steroids."  We thoroughly enjoy working with such a select group of doctors.  I sometimes wish we had a bigger staff of talented writers to accommodate all of the requests we receive.  We are still only three editors and a consultant program director, and that has definite benefits in controlling the quality of our work.  

Since we have not felt the need to advertise in a long time, I have missed working with the doctors who land on our website through a Google search....those applying for medical residency positions.  So yesterday I fired up the original advertising campaign to go for a couple of weeks, just to pull in a few newbies.  It's a joy to showcase the interesting accomplishments and personalities of  international medical graduates who are looking for U.S. residency programs!  

Thanks also to our treasured clients who have been kind enough to recommend our services to their relatives and friends!