Monday, May 18, 2020


Dear Applicants,
So there's BC (Before COVID-19) and now.  Life changed, but humans are resilient, especially doctors.  You know how to adjust and adapt to new situations.  With all the death references, we become more aware of how short life really is.  That fact drives home the need to make the right choices while we do have the gift of life.  Your choice of specialty or subspecialty is yours and yours alone, with careful reflection of the people, procedures and settings you enjoy.  If your passion for the specialty is there, we can help you express it in your personal statement.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

By now you have probably completed your personal statement for your 2020 medical residency application.  Are you satisfied that you have brought your best qualities to the forefront?  Have you explained gaps in your work history?  There are so many suggestions and tips out there for writing a successful essay that it can be overwhelming to apply the ideas to your own personal statement.  With a careful review of your current CV, information you provide through emails and your original essay, we can get a bigger picture of who you are in order to strengthen your statement. 

Many of the editing services offer a huge staff of writers and experts.  The confidentiality aspect is a major concern, as is plagiarism and "guarantees" of any kind.  We do not offer samples or testimonies on our site for this reason. consists of two editors only, and one consultant who is a program director of an anesthesiology program.  We are here to help with your essay; it's a boutique service and your privacy is of upmost concern.

Thanks.  We wish you the best with your ERAS application.

Monday, May 13, 2019


We are looking forward to another busy season editing personal statements and CV's for 2020 medical residency and fellowship applicants! 

Again, be sure to check your social media accounts for appropriate photos and information that may work in your favor when background checks are performed.  

Take some much deserved time to relax - with activities and hobbies outside of your medical pursuits.  

Wishing you the best with your application!  

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Medical Residency Applicants 2019

Hello Medical Residency Applicants 2019!

It's high time you start on your personal statement for your ERAS application!  We can help you polish your personal statement, and edit all writing levels for all specialties.  Our main requirement is that your original essay which you submit for editing be just that - ORIGINAL.  Plagiarism can seriously hurt your application - both now and in the future.  There exists a "bank" of personal statements, against which many program admissions committee members can check the originality of your personal statement.  If it's plagiarized, that's the "kiss of death,"  both now and in the future!
So just be YOU....who else can you be in a personal statement? 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Do NOT Plagiarize Your Personal Statement!

Dear Medical Residency/Fellowship Applicants:

Plagiarizing your personal statement or even borrowing ideas from samples on the internet can hurt your reputation forever.  Personal statements can and are often placed in a big data bank and checked with an App to detect plagiarizing - that's the new trend and it is on FIRE.  Don't do it.  It can hurt your chances to land a medical residency, this year AND ALL FUTURE YEARS.  Consider yourself warned.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Some NEW INFORMATION about CV's from our Program Director consultant:

Hello again 2018 Medical Residency Applicants,

As you know, when you obtain an interview, you should carry along extra copies of your CV.  Before the official interview starts, hand your interviewers each a copy of your CV, printed on good resume paper.  I wouldn't say you have to give each one a copy of your statement of purpose, but it wouldn't hurt. (Be well prepared to answer and explain any claims or details from your PS if you do take it with you.)

So if you read the title of this post, I did promise you some NEW INFORMATION about CV's.  Our consultant Program Director said he loves a small PHOTO on the CV you carry with you and hand to him (and all the other interviewers).  He says he is better able to remember those applicants, and when reviewing the CV's a few days/weeks later, it puts a familiar face with your CV information.  He loves that added touch.  Now please be not make the photo too large, wear a shirt and tie, smile and fix your hair.  Getting a professional photo would be great.  Visualize a passport photo...maybe with the face portion slightly smaller, and be careful the background is appropriate. 

Welcome 2018 Medical Residency Applicants!

Greetings to anyone landing on our blog pages!  I hope you have your personal statements ready to upload to your ERAS applications.  The PS is still one of the few NON numerical ways that you can influence your application strength.  Some program directors say the PS is very important....some say not so important.  DO YOU WANT TO TAKE THAT GAMBLE?  I wish you all the best with your application process and hope you pass the interview for the right position.
More to follow....