Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Some NEW INFORMATION about CV's from our Program Director consultant:

Hello again 2018 Medical Residency Applicants,

As you know, when you obtain an interview, you should carry along extra copies of your CV.  Before the official interview starts, hand your interviewers each a copy of your CV, printed on good resume paper.  I wouldn't say you have to give each one a copy of your statement of purpose, but it wouldn't hurt. (Be well prepared to answer and explain any claims or details from your PS if you do take it with you.)

So if you read the title of this post, I did promise you some NEW INFORMATION about CV's.  Our consultant Program Director said he loves a small PHOTO on the CV you carry with you and hand to him (and all the other interviewers).  He says he is better able to remember those applicants, and when reviewing the CV's a few days/weeks later, it puts a familiar face with your CV information.  He loves that added touch.  Now please be careful....do not make the photo too large, wear a shirt and tie, smile and fix your hair.  Getting a professional photo would be great.  Visualize a passport photo...maybe with the face portion slightly smaller, and be careful the background is appropriate. 

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