Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy 2011!

Dear Medical Residency/Fellowship Applicants,

I have decided to enhance our website,, with a blog.  Like so many blogs before it, this one will be an informal way to keep you up-to-date with what is going on with our company.  I hope to include ideas that help you with the medical residency application process.  As you can see from the main website, we edit CV's, statements of purpose and cover letters to strengthen your ERAS or medical fellowship applications. Our goal is to make your personal statement shine!  Though many of our clients have reported having interviews, it was apparent that they also needed interview preparation and coaching, which we now offer.

To start off, my name is Elizabeth and I am from southern Illinois, Carbondale, to be exact.  After graduating from the University of Arkansas, I taught for one year here in the USA, then moved to Saudi Arabia, where I raised my children and taught English. After I moved back to Carbondale, I studied in a nursing program and became licensed, but definitely prefer to work out of my home with the editing service! :)  My sister Jane, who also lives in Carbondale, is my partner at  Her busy schedule as an attorney* does not allow her time to blog here,  but she may drop in on rare ocassions for a quick hello. She does find time to edit and review our personal statements and CV's for the company, and her persuasive writing powers are superb!  During the busy season we also employ on a private contract basis, a fantastic legal secretary named Carol, who helps with the editing. My son is a physician, currently working in a medical residency program, and he has some great input when we have questions or need his general advice.  His wife just graduated this year from the post-doctoral dental program at Harvard, and I have often consulted her in regards to the "what to leave in/what to leave out" issue with personal statement edits.  As professional people who totally understand the ethical responsibility of privacy, we pride ourselves on zipped lips.

So that's about it for my first entry. Please keep in mind the clear and concise results you can expect for your statement edits are much more refined and polished than my writing style on this blog!  Still, my aim to bring out your best and unique qualities, not to transform your essay to sound like Hemingway.

I hope your ERAS application has gone smoothly this year if you are a 2010/11 applicant.  It's a competitive environment needless to say.  Match Day is just around the corner, and there's always The Scramble.  As I have told all of my clients, do not rule out directly calling and applying to some of the smaller hospitals if you can't find a medical residency with a large instutition.

More later.

* Services offered and provided by do not include legal services, and the Rules of Professional Conduct governing attorneys in the practice of law do not apply to services offered or provided by However, we offer outstanding writing skills, and are firmly committed to confidentiality.