Monday, September 26, 2011

How do you know if the medical residency program is accredited?

Hello Medical Residency and Medical Fellowship Applicants!
How do you know if the medical residency program is accredited?
First of all, I would call the AMA and ask a live human being where you can find the information, and ask about your specific program. Obviously, your first choices should be financially stable and accredited programs. Since everyone is on a budget these days and limited by time constraints, you most likely do not want to spend $1500 on a trip to the opposite coast to interview at a program which is unaccredited and not financially stable. Do you want to put in 2 years only to be told that the program is not accredited or had to fold? 
  • Call AMA Member Relations at (800) 262-3211. (It's a good idea to register to join the AMA meanwhile.)
  • Also call the specific program and ask if they are accredited and by whom.
  • Get advice from your colleagues, supervisors and various department heads on this question too.
  • BY ALL MEANS, check all this out by downloading the latest information at ACGME.
  • Here are a couple of links to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME):
And while I am spewing out advice, when you do go to interview, talk with some of the other residents.  You can ask them questions of a more personal nature. However, if you decide to ask additional questions of the residents, please assume that anything that you ask may be passed along to the decisionmakers, and also, please consider the possibility that the resident whom you are asking may also be one of the decisionmakers or may be consulted in your application process. Because you are essentially in a fishbowl at this point (watch those Facebook entries too!),  choose your words carefully.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Interview Tips for Medical Residency Applicants--very important

1.  Be totally familiar with the case study you may have cited in your personal statement.

2.  Be able to relate what is on your CV and personal statement to the specific specialty or program to which you are applying.

3.  Be able to state what you have learned or how you have contributed or benefited from any associations to which you belong.

4.  Be able to discuss specifics about your hobbies you have listed.  

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Organizations and Volunteer Work

Good morning!
The best looking CV's include membership in an organization.  Join a U.S.-based medical organization if you can.  The Rotary Organization has branches and volunteer opportunities all over the world.  Look for organizations in your target specialty too.  Networking within these groups should never be understimated as a tool in finding a position.

National and local disasters are devastating to thousands, and by joining other volunteers to help, not only can you accumulate extensive hands-on training, but most importantly you can put your knowledge to work. 

Monday, September 12, 2011


What a season, so far!   I believe the word has spread among the medical residency applicant community that the little CVPersonalstatement team knows what they are doing!  My partner and I really enjoy working with and getting to know the applicants who come our way.  I only feel sad that I had to put some of our clients on a two or three day "wait list"  last month and early this month.  While I fully understand the time constraints, especially this week, "rush jobs" are not my forte.  I need the edited statement to wait on my desk one night, then I go back and edit my own work. After that, your ideas for incorporation into the second draft give the statement the extra shine and persuasiveness. That, my dear doctor, takes a little time on your part and ours. Our objective is to produce a top-quality version of your original personal statement, win over the program directors with your persuasive statement and get an interview, or many interviews.  So our main goal is that you are able to pick and choose the fitting program of your choice and scoot happily away into the world of your specialty!