Sunday, August 2, 2015

Personal Statements - Random Thoughts about Authenticity

Good morning medical residency applicants and medical fellowship applicants!

A poorly written personal statement could doom your application, however remember that you are not applying for a writing instructor position.  Your personal statement should give the program director at least a HINT of your own writing ability.  That is why we need to see and assess your originally written essay or filled in questionnaire before we edit it, in order to support your authenticity.


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Good morning Medical Residency Applicants and Medical Fellowship Applicants! 

A biiiiiiig THANK YOU to all of our return customers!  This year and last year so many of our clients have finished their medical residency programs and are again requesting our editing service for their fellowship personal statements.  In fact, most of the 2015 projects have been for return fellowship applicants.  That is a huge compliment and we are very thankful for your loyalty. 

Every day I learn more while researching various medical fellowship programs in the United States.  As my sister and partner said yesterday, "it's the specialty on steroids."  We thoroughly enjoy working with such a select group of doctors.  I sometimes wish we had a bigger staff of talented writers to accommodate all of the requests we receive.  We are still only three editors and a consultant program director, and that has definite benefits in controlling the quality of our work.  

Since we have not felt the need to advertise in a long time, I have missed working with the doctors who land on our website through a Google search....those applying for medical residency positions.  So yesterday I fired up the original advertising campaign to go for a couple of weeks, just to pull in a few newbies.  It's a joy to showcase the interesting accomplishments and personalities of  international medical graduates who are looking for U.S. residency programs!  

Thanks also to our treasured clients who have been kind enough to recommend our services to their relatives and friends!