Saturday, August 15, 2020

Keep Your Statement Original

 Hello Medical Residency and Medical Fellowship Applicants,

    As you move forward in the residency or fellowship application process, you have most likely put much of your valuable time in to composing a statement of purpose.  

    While it may be considered as helpful to look at other applicants' statements for your same target specialty, I don't advise it.  God forbid, you may inadvertently pick up a sentence or two and insert it in your own essay.  The general characteristics that make you suited for a specialty may be common among the applicants for that specialty, but the combination of your skills, clinical experiences, talents, learning styles, hobbies and personal values are unique.  Our goal is to help you state your suitability for your target specialty by supporting your claims of suitability with specific examples to illustrate the desired characteristics.  But back to my main message for today:  Do NOT lift sentences from others' personal statements off the web or from anywhere!  This practice could automatically disqualify you from consideration should the selection committee decide to do a plagiarism check.  AND, it may be that since everything is done online these days, the reviewers have embedded plagiarism check software!  More so, it is not ethical to steal someone else's words and pretend they are your own.  You are great as you are, and do not need it!  

    We can help you polish your statement.  That's it. 

    Whether you decide on using the service to help you with your statement or not, we wish you the very best with your application process, and that you will find your fit in a great program!