Saturday, April 26, 2014

How do you start writing your personal statement for a medical residency or medical fellowship? 

Good morning applicants! 

Starting your personal statement is probably the hardest part for most of you.  It sets the tone for the whole essay and needs to grab the program director's attention.  Sometimes there's a quote you would like as a heading.  After we read and edit your original essay, we sometimes find a quote that fits the rest of your statement and then keep on that theme throughout.  We often urge you to start chronologically with a little about your background and the values instilled in you by your family or an influential teacher.  We have seen and edited many a strong essay that begins with a vivid academic experience.

We of course can help you with your beginning too, that's our job. Many of our clients are international medical graduates, so the construction of your statement can be especially challenging.  You've come a long way, academically and probably culturally too, which makes for a fascinating and unique personal statement for your medical residency or fellowship application personal statement!  Let us help you make the best of your history, what makes you, YOU. 

If you're totally stuck, we offer a detailed QUESTIONNAIRE that can help you soul-search.  We study your questionnaire and CV, then construct your statement of purpose using the information you provide.  But I have found that many of our international medical graduates have a great ability to put together a fairly good essay, which they send to us, and we then then we edit.  You have come this far in the English language too, with all of your medical studies, USMLE preparation and strong desire to complete your medical residency program here in the United States, so it's not like English is a foreign language anymore.  Though if you feel mentally blocked on expressing yourself in your statement of purpose, please do opt for our questionnaire-based essay. 

We hope to hear from you soon:  (618)-207-3277.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy April 2014!

To the 2014 applicants...(in the slim chance you have the time to read this blog!):
I hope that you have landed the medical residency program of your dreams, one that allows for maximum learning and sharing in a friendly environment.  May God always guide you and bring you satisfaction and happiness, as well as for your future patients. 
For the 2015 applicants:
Now that we are well in to April, it's time to start thinking about applying for the Residency Match 2015. Time flies, so it's a good idea start preparing your personal statement now.  

Draft an outline of where you've been, where you want to go and your best qualities.  If you are not sure which specialty you want, narrow it down to three.  Our editors would be pleased to help you refine your statements.  We also provide a "from scratch" service which requires the doctor fill out a detailed questionnaire, from which we build the personal statement.  However I must say the the best results have usually been when the doctor writes the personal statement, submits it to us, we dive in and make corrections, he/she reviews and makes changes, and last, we incorporate the doctor's changes into the final draft.  

As usual, expect the competition to be tough, so your essay should be outstanding.  Our goal is for you to obtain the medical residency or fellowship position you want.

By the way, I'm very pleased to announce that our main MD consultant has recently been promoted to the position of PROGRAM DIRECTOR.