Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hello Medical Residency Applicants for 2014!

I am very pleased that many of you have already contacted us about helping you with your personal statements, and we have edited quite a few since the beginning of 2013.  Most of the doctors decide to submit their first drafts to us in August and September.   While we love the excitement of deadlines and work well under pressure, I also appreciate those of you who are "early birds."

We now offer a "From Scratch" service.  The doctor completes a questionnaire and we construct your essay based on your answers.  Then the doctor makes his/her changes to that draft, returns the statement, and we incorporate the changes into the second draft.  The results have been outstanding with your input on that second draft.

I hope you have done well on your exams, but if your scores are marginal (as many are), it's all the more reason to present an outstanding statement of purpose.  We welcome you.  Your story is unique and interesting.  Let us help you tell it.

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