Monday, December 12, 2011

Residency Interview Advice

The internet is brimming with interview tips.  I just watched a youtube video on the subject.  A doctor offers a few minutes of great practical advice.  Some of his tips are:

  • Have directions to the location
  • Be early
  • Know the names:  not only the program director, but the secretary and coordinator as well
  • Make note of any updates to your CV, such as awards, etc.
  • Take along copies of your CV
  • Review your CV information and think of some enhancing stories
  • Bring something to write on during the interview and/or tour for remarks/questions

His Youtube video and more information about additional relevant subjects can be found at "" and "".  I have not watched his other videos or read everything on his website, but from what I saw and heard in the last 10 minutes, the doctor offers very valuable advice.