Sunday, September 6, 2020

Do Not Brag in Your Personal Statement

Dear Medical Residency Applicants or Medical Fellowship Applicants, 

Over the years of editing personal statements at, I advise the physicians to be humble.  When the program directors and resident selection team choose candidates, they can see on your CV what your accomplishments are.  Bragging about a high USMLE score, a "prestigious" institution you attended, etc., gives off the signal that you might be a difficult person to work around on a daily basis.  In your statement of purpose, strive to make yourself likable.  Along with other improvements, we can identify and edit the areas of your PS that may need some toning down in the arrogance department.  We want to help you convey through your statement of purpose that while you are accomplished and confident, you are also humble and teachable.  It's a tricky balance sometimes.  

Please contact us if you need help with your SOP, CV or letter. 

We wish you the best with your ERAS application. 


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